How Much do London Removals Cost?

Removal Volume

Moving home is stressful at the best of times, and even more so if you are having to downsize. On top of moving your belongings from A to B as painlessly and cost-effectively as possible, you will have to dispose of whatever you won’t have room for. Knowing what to expect of hiring London removal services can be daunting, particularly when anticipating what the costs for these alone might be. Typically though, a removal company will calculate what to charge based on the cubic footage of the possessions that will need to be moved. The charges will, of course, vary from company to company, but you can expect to be charged anything from around £0.70 – £1 per cubic foot.

To get you started, any moving company in London will give you a free quotation or home survey to calculate the volume of items to be moved. The overall volume of belongings will, in turn, determine the size of the vehicle required for the move. Then they will work out the time needed for the movers to load onto the vehicle, and any packing materials needed.

A one-bed property with an average possessions volume of between 350-500 cubic feet can cost anything from £260-£450. A four or five bedroom property with 1000 to 2000 cubic feet of volume can cost up to £1700 or more. But these are based on averages, and again will vary by company.

Ease of Access

Another factor to consider is ease of access to a property for house moving. Restricted parking and living in high-level flats in London without lift access are common problems. Movers often add extra fixed fees on top of removal costs or may add more to their hourly rates to cover for this. Since this depends on the specifics of your house removal and how they apply their costs, the rates will vary significantly. Get advice on ease of access as part of your removal estimate if you are unsure.

Moving Distance

Distance travelled for the move incur charges varying from company to company. Some apply an hourly travel rate while others may calculate on a mile by mile cost. You will pay less for moving house to somewhere locally than if you are moving to another part of the country, or overseas. Let’s say you are moving 50 miles from your old home. A company charging £25 per hour of travelling time plus 50 pence per mile travelled will differ in their pricing from a company simply charging £1 per mile. At an average speed of 60mph throughout travel time, this means for the first option: 50 miles / 60 mph = 0.8333 hours travelling time, which is 0.8333 x 25 amounting to £20.83 for the travelling time. Add the fifty pence per mile equalling £25 and the total cost is £45.83. For a company charging a £1 per mile flat rate, the cost would be £50.

Extra Services

A final thing to consider is the extras a house moving company might provide for added convenience. These are designed to make the moving process a little easier but will raise the overall costs of removal. These additional services can be anything from dismantling and reassembling of furniture, renting storage space (at a rate of say £20-£40 per week) and packing services, which will include the cost of packing materials used. Extra packing services might need to be used for high-value items or items that require specialist equipment (perhaps a large piano), and the removal company will need to take more time and use extra materials to move these goods to minimise the risk of damage. Cost is usually relative to the value of the item and the costs of materials or equipment used.

It is best to shop around and get quotes from several moving companies in London. This will give you breakdowns of the costs mentioned here, and you can compare the costs of each factor – distance, ease of access, volume, packing and any extras for several companies. That way you can calculate the best overall rate and the best London removal service suited to your needs.