Is it Time to Move Home? Read our Guide to Find Out You may be surprised to know that a significant number of people at any time are thinking about moving. According to a recent study of 2000 people, when asked their thoughts on moving home, a third actively wished to move. And not surprisingly,
Common Problems When Moving and Buying a Home in London With a lot to do and see and some of the most lucrative jobs in the country, it is easy to think that no one ever relocates from London, and this is true in most cases. The truth is that at least 57% of London
Could All Your Childhood House Moves Affect Your Mental Health? Did you move home a lot as a child? If so then you may be at a higher risk of developing serious mental health conditions such as schizophrenia or psychosis, according to a recent study from the University College London. The research found that the
More Londoners Than Ever Are Upping Sticks And Moving North A recent survey has found that more Londoners than ever have had enough of the high prices, and small dwellings of the capital, and are trading in the buzz of the city for a quieter, and cheaper life in the north of London. It has
Top 10 Packing Tips to Make Your Life Easier Moving house is stressful at the best of times. Needing to inform service providers of the address change can be a headache, particularly when it’s easy to forget just one important contact – and you can, say, have important bills or bank details arriving at the
The Ultimate Moving House Checklist When you are packing up your entire life and relocating it to a different pile of bricks and mortar, it is impossible to remember everything that will need to be done, carried, arranged, or disposed of when moving home. So, have a look at our handy checklist to help you
Change of Address in London Checklist Many people find it useful to jot down lists not just of contents to be included when moving home to London, but to compile to-do lists for tying up a myriad of other loose ends. There is always something on this list you might forget, so it is worth
A Guide to Moving Home in London Moving house in the big smoke might present some opportunities but is fraught with problems all of its own. The location you pick within Greater London can have a huge effect on your day to day living, from the commute to the atmosphere of your neighbourhood and more.
How Much do London Removals Cost? Removal Volume Moving home is stressful at the best of times, and even more so if you are having to downsize. On top of moving your belongings from A to B as painlessly and cost-effectively as possible, you will have to dispose of whatever you won’t have room for.
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