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Big Savings On Removals For Crayford Customers!

Crayford is an area with much expansion, and within the DA1 postal code, we’ve made big strides. Our removal company has since expanded, and we offer a packing service and moving service for you to enjoy. With our recent expansion, we are offering a 10% early bird discount to all Crayford customers moving within the DA1 area. By calling 020 3965 6363 and saying “Crayford discount” you’ll get the early bird discount the moment you agree to your quote. This is our way of saying thank you for the great opportunities in Crayford, and how we want to encourage you to come back to us as the removal company you can trust!

Fixed Crayford House Removals Prices (All prices includes VAT) 
Property Size
Transit Van icon-question-circle
Luton Van icon-question-circle
1 Bedroom Crayford Flat/House
£78 £100
2 Bedroom Crayford Flat/House
£156 £200 (up 4 hours)
3 Bedroom Crayford Flat/House £195 £250 (up to 5 hours)
4 Bedroom Crayford Flat/House £234 £300 (up to 6 hours)
*The price is based on average number of items per Crayford household and includes 2 men + van.
Hourly Rates for Crayford House Removals
Number of Men
Transit Van  Luton Van 
1 Man per Hour
£35  Not available
2 Men per Hour £45 £55
3 Men per Hour £55 £59
*All prices are per hour and includes VAT

Mega Removals Is The DA1 Company You Can Rely On!

Have you thought about a home removal in the Crayford area, but you’re lost on where to begin? Well, look no further. Our removals company is considered one of the best, and we make home removals easy for everyone. If you’ve thought about moving house, and you don’t know how to pack, well we’re here to help you. If you’re in the DA1 area and are too busy to spend the time packing your house, we can make moving house simple for you.  We try to make it easy on our DA1 customers, and it can make moving to a new area in Crayford much better since we have a removals system that works perfectly and satisfies everyone.

We Offer House Removals Services That You Can Trust!

Are you planning on moving and need a bit of help? Has finding a reliable person to assist you been a nightmare? Well, our house removals in Crayford are quick and simple. We offer home removals in DA1 that are quick, and you don’t have to worry about it, so you’re in your new location fast.  If you work a busy schedule, or if you don’t want to deal with the drama of moving, then this is ultimately the way to go, and a perfect choice for anyone looking for the removal specialists to trust.

We also do office removals, which are perfect for those that are looking to relocate their business, but they don’t want to deal with moving everything. If your business is time-sensitive, and you don’t have the means to move everything, then our company is ready to help. Our removals company can take everything in your office and move it to another DA1 location fast, and with friendly Crayford staff you can trust, you’ll be happy to get your business moved.

Crayford house removals company


I really needed help moving in Crayford, and I struggled to find anyone who could assist me. When I heard about Mega Removals, I was curious, but I agreed to use them. They were super fast, faster than I expected, and they were able to do my home removal in a fraction of the time it would’ve taken any other moving service, or even relying on friends and family. I was soon moved into my new home, and I couldn’t be happier.  I definitely will use them again if I ever need to move!

Freddie S.

House Removals That Are Quick And Simple, Guaranteed In Crayford

If you want people you can trust, our Crayford team is ready to help. they’ll get everything that you need to be moved to the next location, or your money back. They make your DA1 move simple, so you don’t have to worry about chasing up anyone.

You don’t have to worry about being overcharged by our Crayford company, for they work fast, and don’t waste time.  We take pride in being one of the top DA1 companies out there you can rely on, and if you’re not satisfied, let us know and we’ll help you take care of any qualms.  When it comes to removal companies, ours is the one that you can trust.

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Crayford Crayford – Useful Info

Crayford is in South-east London and is in the borough of Bexley.  It existed in the area of St. Paulinus church during the Julian and Claudian invasions of Britain.  It is known for the New Theater Group, that is different from traditional theater.  It also has a greyhound racing track. The Hall Place is an old monument that has gardens with River Cray going through there, along with a nursery, a cafe, and a silkworks shop. There is also “The Bear and Ragged Staff” public house, which is known for live bands, and the Crayford Stadium, which is one of the two remaining racing stadiums in London.

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