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Special Savings For Cricklewood House Removals

The Cricklewood area has been very successful in terms of house removals, and our company is ready to help expand and make lives easier for those in the NW2 area.  If you’re looking for a removal company that you can trust, look no further, for not only will you get superior service, you’ll also get a discount on this service when you book with us. By calling 020 3965 6363 and mentioning “Cricklewood Savings” you’ll get 10% off your next home removal.  This works for anywhere in the NW2 area as thanks for your help in our expansion.

Fixed Cricklewood House Removals Prices (All prices includes VAT) 
Property Size
Transit Van icon-question-circle
Luton Van icon-question-circle
1 Bedroom Cricklewood Flat/House
£78 £100
2 Bedroom Cricklewood Flat/House
£156 £200 (up 4 hours)
3 Bedroom Cricklewood Flat/House £195 £250 (up to 5 hours)
4 Bedroom Cricklewood Flat/House £234 £300 (up to 6 hours)
*The price is based on average number of items per Cricklewood household and includes 2 men + van.
Hourly Rates for Cricklewood House Removals
Number of Men
Transit Van  Luton Van 
1 Man per Hour
£35  Not available
2 Men per Hour £45 £55
3 Men per Hour £55 £59
*All prices are per hour and includes VAT

Mega Removals Is A Removals Company That You Can Trust For Any Service

We are a company that takes pride in being dependable and never leaves our Cricklewood customers hanging.  We are considered the top in terms of removals in the NW2 area for a good reason. We take pride in every house removal that we get, and in turn, we’ll make sure that you’re taken care of, no matter if it’s packing services, home removals, or even an office removal.  If you need help, call on us today, and let our Cricklewood team help with any removal that you need in the NW2 area, and we’ll make sure to do it fast, and make it less stressful for you as a result.

We Offer Many Different Removals At Great Prices

Are you planning to move to another part of NW2, or maybe you need to relocate an office in the Cricklewood area? Well, our removals are ready to assist you. Our house removals are professional, allowing you to relocate in a quick and speedy manner. With our removals, we can take the entire house, and move it to a new location quickly, and efficiently.

Our office removals are also speedy since we are a removals company that understands you need to open up shop quickly when moving.  We don’t take our time, and we can have your office fully relocated in no time, eliminating the stress on your end, and allowing you to make it so that no matter where you move in the NW2 district, you’ll have a speedy move. Let our Cricklewood team take care of your removal today!

Cricklewood house removals company


I struggled to find a removals company within my budget until I discovered Mega Removals. Their team is top-tier, and they make sure that you’re taken care of.  With their services, I never have t worry about getting overcharged, and I never had to chase up their team. They seem to love what they do, and I’m happy about that.  I definitely loved the removal they did for me, and I’m certainly ready to use them again in the future if I ever need a removals service.

Ellie O.

Top-Tier Removals At A Price That You Want, Guaranteed

If you’re looking for house removals in the NW2 area that’s quick and painless, then look no further than our Cricklewood team.  We’ll make sure that you’re in the new area, guaranteed or your money back.  We also provide some of the best prices in the area, so not only are you getting speedy service, but you’re also getting quality NW2 service for any removals service you need.

We take pride in being super great at our job, and you don’t need to look at reviews, you’ll just get to experience the service, and you’ll know right away that hey, we are the best.  So don’t waste your time, call on our Cricklewood team today, and we’ll take care of you no matter what you may need, and no matter what service you may call upon us.

    Removal Services We Offer in Cricklewood
  • House Removals Cricklewood
  • Removals & Storage Cricklewood
  • Office Removals Cricklewood
  • Man and Van Cricklewood
  • International Removals Cricklewood
  • Packing Services Cricklewood

CricklewoodCricklewood – Useful Info

Cricklewood is an area that’s part of the Barnet, Brent, and Camden boroughs and it has two major conservation areas, the Mapesbury Estate, and the Cricklewood Railway. There is also the Mapesbury Dell which is an award-winning park and garden that is definitely helped in high regard by local residents, and it is open to the residents during the day.  It also has Gladstone Park, which marks the northwest edge of the area, and it’s been restored due to Heritage Lottery funding and includes a formal garden and netball courts.

There is also the Crown Pub which is a terracotta and it is in an old Victorian building.  There is also the Cricklewood Baptist Church, which was built in 1927 in red and yellow brick to imitate the Italian Byzantine style that’s very popular within the area for buildings.

Is Cricklewood a Nice Place to Live?

Homes and Property give detailed information about the property scene in the area, what’s new and what is coming. Other reviews, as some on Fox Tons, tell us more about the great community feel in Cricklewood.


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