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Tremendous Savings For East Ham Residents On Removals And Storage

East Ham is a growing area, and we offer a removal service for those looking to move into the area, or are relocating to somewhere in E6.  We assume the significance of moving, and this is why we offer a huge discount on moving house in that area. Just call today at 020 3965 6363 and mention “East Ham savings” to the representative, you’ll get 10% off your next booking. We also do loyalty programs, so if you’ve worked with us in E6 or other areas, let us know, and we will apply a bigger discount on any services you’ll need.

Fixed East Ham House Removals Prices (All prices includes VAT) 
Property Size
Transit Van icon-question-circle
Luton Van icon-question-circle
1 Bedroom East Ham Flat/House
£78 £100
2 Bedroom East Ham Flat/House
£156 £200 (up 4 hours)
3 Bedroom East Ham Flat/House £195 £250 (up to 5 hours)
4 Bedroom East Ham Flat/House £234 £300 (up to 6 hours)
*The price is based on average number of items per East Ham household and includes 2 men + van.
Hourly Rates for East Ham House Removals
Number of Men
Transit Van  Luton Van 
1 Man per Hour
£35  Not available
2 Men per Hour £45 £55
3 Men per Hour £55 £59
*All prices are per hour and includes VAT

Mega Removals Is An E6 Company That Makes Moving Easy!

If you’re in East Ham and you need help with moving, then call Mega Removals now! We understand how stressful moving can be, and understand what it takes to get the job done, which is why we are offering you a removal service that rivals no other.  We can also come in, and our East Ham staff will help you figure out exactly what you need to get done in order to move everything your home. We also do office removals too in E6, so if you need to relocate, we can get the job done. We understand the struggles of moving, so we offer a moving service that rivals no other.

We Provide Removal Service That Rivals No One!

We offer house removals, whether they’re the whole house or just one room, and our East Ham staff will arrive early and get the job done. If you’re relocating anywhere in E6, and you need help moving items, whether it be they’re too heavy, or perhaps you just don’t want to overwhelm yourself, then let our team take care of it for you.  We’ll make sure that this moving service is quick and easy for you.

We also do office removals too, so if you’re looking to relocate your office in E6 for expansion or other reasons, then you can call on us. Our East Ham team will come in, take care of moving all of the big items in your office, and we’ll make sure it’s all accounted for. Usually, this removal service takes about a day, and we’ll make sure nothing is harmed. We understand the value of office supplies, and we’ll even make sure any fragile items are in a safe place during the move.

East Ham house removals company


I was trying to figure out how to move all of my belongings, because a lot of it is heavy, and I’m a small person. I called the company, they gave me a quote, and they were the cheapest in the area. I agreed, and their team came in, helping me move everything quickly. They were super friendly and sweet, and I definitely am satisfied with how quick the move was. I recommend their team to anyone looking to move, and who needs a company that they can rely on.

Catherine Y.

We Offer Supreme Service On All Of Our Removals – Guaranteed

We offer the best removal service inEast Ham, guaranteed or your money back. We know the struggles of moving in E6, and that’s why our removals team will get the job done, so you don’t have to wait around. We make moving house simple and effective.

If you’re not pleased with the job we do, contact our office and let them know what happened in East Ham, and you’ll get money back. But, you probably won’t have to do it, because we know how to move house in E6, and we also take care of the process of moving quickly, and effectively. Don’t settle for less, but instead get a removal service that you will surely trust.

    Removal Services We Offer in East Ham
  • House Removals East Ham
  • Removals & Storage East Ham
  • Office Removals East Ham
  • Man and Van East Ham
  • International Removals East Ham
  • Packing Services East Ham

East Ham East Ham – Useful Info

East Ham is in the borough of New Ham, and it has a strong local community which includes Red Door Studios, a former glass factory used as an art space, Parklives, which is a council that gives free support programs and activities to residents, East Edge Sisters WI, which is a women’s institute group in the area, Bike From Boleyn, which is a bi-annual bike ride in the area, and the Greatfield Residents Association which is a strong local group that works to make the community better, and they’re involved in many different community events, including a craft and food market, and other events that help others, creating a local community that those in the area can rely on.

Is East Ham a Nice Place to Live?

East Ham can be the perfect area in London, for those who are looking for a peaceful neighborhood and want to find a good property to start a life there. Filled with Edwardian and Victorian houses, East Ham has the potential of a developing area, according to Rentonomy. If you want to look inside the life of the area, the guide on Fox Tons is the one for you.

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