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New Offers For Feltham Customers

Feltham is a growing TW13 location that many people love to look into.  We offer removals service to these customers, and since then, the TW13 area has been growing. Because of this, we are offering as thanks a discount. By calling 020 3965 6363  and telling us your area, you’ll get a  10 % Discount on Packing materials & moving boxes for Feltham customers. We understand the stress of moving and everything about it, and because of that, we are giving this discount as our way of saying thanks for your support and help in our growing removals company, and the dedication that comes with it.

Fixed Feltham House Removals Prices (All prices includes VAT) 
Property Size
Transit Van icon-question-circle
Luton Van icon-question-circle
1 Bedroom Feltham Flat/House
£78 £100
2 Bedroom Feltham Flat/House
£156 £200 (up 4 hours)
3 Bedroom Feltham Flat/House £195 £250 (up to 5 hours)
4 Bedroom Feltham Flat/House £234 £300 (up to 6 hours)
*The price is based on average number of items per Feltham household and includes 2 men + van.
Hourly Rates for Feltham House Removals
Number of Men
Transit Van  Luton Van 
1 Man per Hour
£35  Not available
2 Men per Hour £45 £55
3 Men per Hour £55 £59
*All prices are per hour and includes VAT

Our Recent Move In Feltham

Recently, we moved  Lucy Allen and her one bedroom property on the 6th of June from Feltham to Hove.  It was an expansive move in TW13, and it definitely was quite the endeavour. But, Lucy was quite happy with our removals service, and she didn’t have to worry about chasing Mega Removals up. She told us that if she needed another removal service done once again, that she would call us, and she definitely was happy with the results she got from this, and the quality of the service.

Why Mega Removals Is One of The Top Companies in TW13 

We don’t just handle TW13 areas, but if you’re a London resident who needs to be moved, we can help, no matter if you are moving from Feltham to Aldborough Hatch or from Langbourn to Feltham. Our removals team is ready to meet your needs, whether it’s just a simple move from TW13 to a new place or an extensive move to another country.

We handle both commercial and domestic customers.  Office removals are one of our specialities, but we also do house removals, and flat removals too, meaning that if you’re looking to move, the removals team that we have can handle any of the jobs that you’re trying to finish, no matter what it might be.

House Removals Company Feltham


My name is Sharon Atkinson, and recently I hired Mega Removals to help me move my two bedroom flat from Feltham to Truro. It was a big move, and I realized I couldn’t do this on my own. I found the perfect place, but I was getting the logistics sorted out on it, which is why I called upon Mega Removals to help me with this. Their team came in, took it upon themselves to help me, and from there, I was able to get moved to my new place in no time. Thanks!

Sharon Atkinson

What Services We Offer In Feltham TW13

In Feltham, we offer house removals, meaning that we can help move your house. We also do piano removals in TW13, so if you have a piano that you would like to move, we can do that for you. Finally, if you don’t want to handle the cleaning, we also offer handyman services to make moving everything a little easier for you, and manageable as well.

Our services span a gamut of different TW13 needs, no matter what it might be. We are moving all kinds of furniture and goods in Feltham from entire 1 bedroom property to a single cabinet, so we will be able to take on any type of removals service that you desire, and we can handle pretty much anything that you throw at our removals company, no matter how extensive it might be.

    Removal Services We Offer in Feltham
  • House Removals Feltham
  • Removals & Storage Feltham
  • Office Removals Feltham
  • Man and Van Feltham
  • International Removals Feltham
  • Packing Services Feltham

FelthamFeltham – Useful Info

Feltham is a big area in the London Borough Of Hounslow. It has a population of 27,104 people and it is positioned pretty far from Charing Cross – about 22 km. The places Feltham borders are Hounslow, Ashford, East Bedford, Hanworth.  Another interesting fact about the area is that Freddie Mercury, the famous singer of the rock band Queen, was living there. Half of the population is white British, Erith has some notable churches. Other famous inhabitants were Jimmy Page from the rock band Led Zeppelin, Vic Briggs, Brian May, etc.

Is Feltham a Nice Place to Live?

As far as buying a property, Feltham seems to be voted for the top spot when looking for a cheaper deal, as we can see on Get West London.However, Feltham has a pretty notorious reputation, because of past events, more information can be found here.  Statistic info on Police.UK shows that there are around 170-200 criminal cases per month.

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