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Removals Richmond

Special Offer For The Customers In The Richmond

We have recently grown a lot as a company in the TW9 area, which is why for those who are in Richmond, you’re in luck. If you call us today at 020 3965 6363 or email us and let us know you’re from Richmond, you’ll get a 15% discount on any flat removal done for customers in Richmond and TW9 areas. Our removal company is happy to provide this to others, giving them a chance to get the move that they want to be completed fast, and without too much stress on you as well. We specialize in moves that aren’t super stressful, and we can handle any move that you need to be completed.

Fixed Richmond House Removals Prices (All prices includes VAT) 
Property Size
Transit Van icon-question-circle
Luton Van icon-question-circle
1 Bedroom Richmond Flat/House
£78 £100
2 Bedroom Richmond Flat/House
£156 £200 (up 4 hours)
3 Bedroom Richmond Flat/House £195 £250 (up to 5 hours)
4 Bedroom Richmond Flat/House £234 £300 (up to 6 hours)
*The price is based on average number of items per Richmond household and includes 2 men + van.
Hourly Rates for Richmond House Removals
Number of Men
Transit Van  Luton Van 
1 Man per Hour
£35  Not available
2 Men per Hour £45 £55
3 Men per Hour £55 £59
*All prices are per hour and includes VAT

Our Recent Move In Richmond

Recently, we moved Michael Beacham from Richmond to Upon, which is a popular location.  He had a bar and grill restaurant that was doing great, he just needed to expand.  Luckily, he called upon our removals company in TW9 to assist him. It was done on the 21st of June, and it made the Richmond move so much more doable. He was happy to get from TW9 to a new place, and we understand how removals can be, so we made sure not only to do this fast, but also keep in mind that quality service is the name of the game, and what we strive for.

Describe Why Mega Removals Is One Of The Best Removal Companies In Richmond?

We are a removal company that covers all London areas, no matter if you’re moving from Richmond to Bankside or from Little Heath to Richmond.  We handle TW9 moves easily, and our removals team will be ready and happy to help you, no matter what extent your move it.

Another benefit of working with us, is our TW9 location has a self-storage service, and our storage services have a 24-hour CCTV monitor, and for an affordable price, you can store what you need to. you’ll have access anywhere, anytime, so if you need an efficient storage service, here is the best location.

House Removals Company Richmond


My name is John Brough, and I am the owner of a really successful rock’n’roll bar.  But, I wanted to move to a bigger location, so I made the move from Richmond to Carlisle, which wasn’t too bad, but with the help of Mega Removals, I was able to move my entire restaurant seamlessly.  They took care of all of it, I just needed to pay and show them where my items were! I highly recommend their all-star team, that’s for sure.

John Brough

Describe What We Offer In The Richmond?

Our removals company offers storage services that can help you put whatever it is that you need a way in Richmond.  We also have shipping services that handle a lot of the TW9 area, and our moving team can also handle deliveries. We also have handyman services, which means that we’ll take care of cleaning up your place before you move out, because who actually wants to do the cleaning? I’m sure you don’t, so we can help make that easier.

We can move all kinds of goods and furniture within Richmond to other TW9 areas and beyond, and we offer removals services that extend from moving entire four-bedroom properties to a single wardrobe. No matter what type of move you are trying to make, our team will make all of that easier on you, no matter what.

RichmondRichmond – Useful Info

Richmond is about 8 miles southwest of Charing Cross and is a place to get a scenic view of the River Thames.  It was founded following the building of the Richmond Palace by Henry II in the 16th century. It was originally a parish of Kingston. Richmond is known for the riverside, especially since it overlooks the River Thames, and it has a beautiful frontage around the Richmond bridge, restaurants, and bars.  There is also Corporation island and the Flowerpot Islands, two islands you can see overlooking the river.  There is also the Richmond Green, which is one of the most beautiful surviving greens in England, and essentially is open grassland, filled with broadleaf trees, extending to twelve areas. Finally, you’ve got Richmond Hill, which has a beautiful view of the area, and also has the Poppy factory at the top, and they put together remembrance poppies that are sold every single remembrance day, to honour the beautiful area.

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