Is it Time to Move Home? Read our Guide to Find Out

You may be surprised to know that a significant number of people at any time are thinking about moving. According to a recent study of 2000 people, when asked their thoughts on moving home, a third actively wished to move. And not surprisingly, most wanted to move somewhere bigger and better than their current place.

This article takes a look at the factors that encourage people to move, and the issues that hold them back.

What Issues Might Make You Want To Move

The sticks:

Unfortunately, we don’t always get on with our neighbours. There might be personality differences or noisy neighbours who regularly party late into the night.

People might live in a dodgy area, which maybe feels unsafe if it is the inner city, or is by a busy road.

Have you been struck by the three-year itch? Research suggests that people can feel like moving as little as three years after moving in.

The carrots:

Often a bigger home is desirable, especially for growing families, or a smaller one if downsizing, when the children have left home.

A Family Might Move to Live in the Catchment Area of a Particular School.

Have you compared your home to those of your friends and neighbours, or secretly browsed property sites such as Rightmove? Have you been seduced by the thought of having a brand new fitted kitchen and bathroom with all modern amenities, and a bigger garden?

31% of people say the quality and size of their home reflects their identity, so it is not uncommon for a move to be the next step after a promotion or pay rise.

The Signs That it’s Time

Not only the online browsing ‘just to have a quick look’, but are you now rubbernecking at houses with For Sale signs? 

Perhaps you have imagined yourself in a new home and daydreamed about how you will decorate and furnish it.

Maybe you have been ignoring all those DIY jobs and household chores.

The Obstacles To Moving

People have a history with their home. You spent time finding it, you fell in love with it, you did it up and cared for it, you’ve had happy times here and now you want to leave it behind. This can bring up emotions like guilt and sadness that could put you off moving.

According to a research by Mega Removals, one of the major issues is the stress of moving house. Over 70% of people claimed that moving house is one of the most stressful things they have experienced in their lives, and 50% said that they’d put off the move for as long as they can.

Money issues. There is a multitude of costs of buying a home such as conveyancing fees and stamp duty. Then there are the costs and stresses of selling your home and perhaps getting stuck in a chain. Researchers calculated the total average cost of moving house in 2018 to be £10,210. This may be unaffordable to some people considering a move.

The Timeline

A survey by Mega Removals found that people who finally decide to move get hit by an unexpected delay. 46% of people had to wait over 6 months to move, and 76% said it took much longer than they expected.


If it looks like you are ticking the boxes for an impending move, think about why you want to move and if it is worth the costs, time and possible stress.